How to eliminate caste system from society?

How to eliminate religion and caste system from society?

eliminate caste system
Shahu Maharaj. kolhapur


Hindu is the major religion of India, with over 79.8% of the population identifying themselves as Hindu, that accounts for roughly 97 crore (~ 1 billion) Hindus in India, while 14.2% of the population follow Islam –(first came to the western coast of India when Arab traders as early as the 7th century AD came to coastal Malabar) and the remaining 6% adhere to other religions (such as Christianity – introduced to India by Thomas the Apostle, in AD 52.,  Buddhism, Jainism and various indigenous ethnically-bound faiths

Basically to keep peace in society. all religions are based on same principals- God will rewards for good work and punish for bad work.

But today some spiritual, religious preacher or political leaders use religion and caste for their own purpose and benefit.

  • How caste system starts in India?

In India we have deep impact of granthas (holy books) in our life. If u ask someone how caste (Jati) system come in to existence? You may hear that brahma is the creator of universe and according to Rigveda  Indian society was based on Brahma’s divine manifestation of four groups. Priests and teachers were caste from his mouth, rulers and warriors from his arms, merchants and traders from his thighs, and workers and peasants from his feet.

  • What is caste?

Caste is word derived from Portuguese word “casta” — which means “race”. Caste or jati are the classes according to hereditary structure. Today the term “caste” is used to describe stratified societies based on hereditary groups. In ancient time varnas are made according to occupation perform by the particular group of people. Like Brahmin will perform all spiritual works. Kshatriya will works as warriors, vaishya will do trading and kshudra will perform all cleaning related work and work related animal skins.

  • Today’s position:

    eliminate caste system
    Dr. Basaheb Ambadker.

Thanks to Babasaheb Ambedkar, Shahu Maharaj, Jyotiba phule, Mahatma Gandhi and many more to bring equality in caste. Our education system is improved enough to eradicate such things. Nowadays Indian business and jobs are not limited to certain castes, Brahmin people own leather shops and dalit people owns hotels. vaishya people are fighting on Kashmir boarder. And Kshatriya are running trading business. Hindu and Muslim people both worship Sai Baba. Christian believe Jesus is son of God and In Muslims believe that Jesus is messenger of god. you will see thousands of cases of harmony in society. If someone met with an road accident, Tsunami, Earthquake, Flood.  no one is bother to know that the person belongs to which religion or caste our main intention is to save life.

Still there are some cases of communal riots recorded all over India. How can same person convert in to killing machine at the time of riot?

  • Who is benefited?

Some selfish preachers, politician and religious leader’s shops are running on the castes and religious issues they don’t want to adopt India as castles country.




 Consider if constitution allows us choice of caste in society everyone wants to  become Brahmin. But at the time of job everyone wants to become SC,ST, or OBC. If we need to eliminate caste discrimination we need to eliminate all caste based system.


  • How to eliminate caste system based discrimination?

  1.  Media and publishing: In India media plays very important role in success of any movement. Media should decide not to publish any caste based advertise or news .
  2. No Surname or Family name: There should not be Surname or family name and religion on any of government or non-government form.
  3. Stop caste reservation: Now its time to stop caste based reservation and start fair reservation only in the education sector depending upon the economic position of the person of all caste and religion. to improve the skill and knowledge of person and to survive in competitive world. Its more than 125 years India is adopting caste based reservation system.
  • from 1882 Shahu, the Maharaja of the princely state of Kolhapur, introduced reservation in favour of non-Brahmin and backward classes,
  • In 1954, the Ministry of Education suggested that 20 per cent of places should be reserved for the SCs and STs in educational institutions with a provision to relax minimum qualifying marks for admission by 5 per cent wherever required.
  • 1982, it was specified that 15 per cent and 7.5 per cent of vacancies in public sector and government-aided educational institutes should be reserved for the SC and ST candidates, respectively

1980 the commission’s report recommended that a reserved quota for OBCs of 27 per cent should apply in respect of services and public sector bodies operated by the Union Government.

4)No religious holiday: Instead giving religious holiday. Arrange some small function in the office or schools for all staffs/ Students and their family’s to celebrate together.

 5)Ban on religious political group: To keep peace in society do not allow any religion influenced political party to take part in election.

6)Promote inter-caste marriage: stop caste based matrimonial site and promote inter-caste marriages.

7)Same rules and regulation for all citizen of India: There should be same rules and regulation for all the citizen of India regardless of religion and caste.


Comment and share your new  ideas and view about caste  system in india.


6 Replies to “How to eliminate caste system from society?”

  1. I think once again we are going towards dark age, If we don’t look into this matter in hast. It’s the need of our age to eliminate cast discrimination. And it will be possible only if we eliminate all laws, reservation, subsidies etc based on casts. And if there is any offense against any person of any cast, law should be strict there. Intelligence should only be the merit to choose right candidate for vacancies.

    1. Correct if cast discrimination not stop now in feature it will become a main weapon for violence in society. And No family tag with our name is effective method to fight with cast discrimination. people will know you by your name and personality and not by your family (brand) name.

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