Travel checklist – things to do before traveling abroad

Travel checklist :


1)Plan your trip according to your schedule: Proper planning is first and most important factor to make your trip more enjoyable . like place to visit, which is the  easy  and comfortable way  to reach your destination place.

2)Read up on your trip: Know more and more about the place you visit. Best way to know about the place is internet . Now a days you can find each and everything of almost all the places on earth. If in case you have any doubts you can ask question on a many sites like know about weather, culture, local custom.

3) Compare and book suitable  tour  package: Before booking hotel(check before book if tour charges  include your hotel stay. -pick up and drop up facility-sightseeing-food- beverage). Always check customer review to get idea about tour.

4)Document to carry: Check flight ticket, Check your proper valid passport and visa according to country you visit. , Emigration letter if required in case of people who are going to stay and work for long time, and CDC or discharge book for the seafarer. Contact no of person who is responsible to pick you up from airport or hotel. Copy of travel insurance,  hotel booking details and site map.

Also keep one set of all the document  with your family member or friend  at home.

5)Things to carry: Very important is your necessary medicine with the doctors prescription.  Also check if that medicine is allowed to the country you visit.  In some country’s  they are very strict about drug tolerance.  And your fun moments will end in to unnecessary trouble. Seasickness pill if you are first time traveling by sea or going to visit hill station, Carry your everyday use clothes, toiletry pack, seasons cloths according to country or place you visit.

Nice camera with extra power back-up to capture and store your priceless moments with your loved ones. binocular, selfie stick, compass, Swiss knives(on airport don’t forget to put in your main luggage pack)

Universal travel adapter – 

Each country has different electrical socket. and your camera laptop or cell phone charging pin will not fit in to it and to avoid that always carry universal travel adapter

Choose perfect camera for outdoor activity.

Choose luggage bag  according to your need , neither too big or too small. waterproof, with or without wheel.

Payment option: Make sure how you will spend money in other country. It is not safe to carry lots off cash with you, and also custom laws are not allow to carry currency above certain limit.  Now a days banks like ICICI are providing international debit card. But before you use it in other country you should inform to bank.

Keep in touch with family and friends: Best way to keep in touch with family and friend is be a internet savvy. nowadays what App, Messenger, Skype, calling is  very famous and effective way of communication.  Internet is available easily worldwide mostly on tourist place with very cheap price. you can easily  find Free WI-fi at Airports, malls, Coffey shops, and fast food corners. In some of the European country  you can also buy  phone card by producing your passport copy  and you can keep in touch with your loved once  very easily

Add some lite bite food (with proper company sealed and labelled with proper expiry date.) because  some  places food available is not suit for your pallet.

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